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Dolphin Tale

Every second, countless innocent creatures are lost to the greed, selfishness, carelessness and stupidity of humans. A very special dolphin made it possible for the dedicated staff and volunteers at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Winter lost her tail in a fishing net in this movie based on a true story. With the help of two very young volunteers, the staff nursed her back to health, only to discover that, Winter needed her tail to survive at all. With the aide of a gifted and generous prosthetic specialist, Winter and her “tail” become a symbol of hope for amputees of all ages. It was and is a beautiful and touching reminder that losing a part of the body makes one unique and special, not disabled. Finally, people may be enlightened, reminded to cherish nature and animals, rather than take them for granted. If we give them the chance, animals can change our lives for the better. The few who dedicate their lives to repairing even a fraction of the damage we cause deserve our respect, support, and admiration.

Final Note- This movie was in 3-D, which was great for about 15 minutes of ocean footage. If I have to wear obnoxious glasses over my own, make it worth my while!

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movie review Toronto best guide rated

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