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Avatar; Reality Disguised in Fantasy

Avatar; Reality Disguised in Fantasy

Before seeing Avatar, I hadn't yet had the 3D viewing experience- that alone was amazing, especially in a film armed with such vibrant, detailed and life-like effects, colours and cinematography. The premise of the film is a brutal reminder of what humanity is doing to the planet, and how aboriginals and the environment are being sacrificed in favour of greed, power and money. The beauty and wonder of the land in jeopardy is what I imagine when I picture the few untouched acres of rainforest that still exist. Every living thing matters to the inhabitants of this new planet- from plants all the way up to savage beasts, and there is a profound respect for Mother Nature and all her offspring. The society resides within a single tree, reminding us that it doesn't take much environmental damage to alter the future of an entire planet. The movie is so visually powerful that it has the ability to touch anyone who has any sympathy for the victims of industrialization, hopefully encouraging them to put a little more effort into salvaging and respecting the fragile world in which we live. It's a great movie for people of all ages, and worth the fifteen bucks to see on the 3D big screen








































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movie review Toronto best guide rated

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